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Your Subscription, Organized and Under Control

Do you have any difficulties tracking your Subscription??

Don't worry, We made this for your concern. This template is made to track your subscription using Notion.

This template is made with several feature :

  • Can easily marked your Subscription after you paid it.

  • Can be integrated and viewed in Notion Calendar

  • You can choose your own currency in up to 140+ currency for your Subscription

  • You can see your total paid summaries your Subscription, including next month and next year

  • Manage your subscription in one dashboard

  • Automatically schedule your subscription based by your billing cycle (Monthly, Yearly, Daily, One-Time)

  • Database Subscription at your disposal

  • Tutorial to kickstart this

  • Lifetime Updates

Interested?? Get the Subscription Tracker Template and start saving time, money, and stress.

30-day Refund Guarantee: If you are not happy about our product, you can issue refund within 30 days starting when you buy this product. Just let us know.

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