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Finesse your plan, track your spent in Notion!

Do you want to plan your holiday event or birthday event, but keep worrying about your money?

We made this tracker specifically for this. This is specifically made to track your budget/money in each event you planned. While we planned to keep simple, this template has powerful feature you should know about.

  • Designed to easily tracker your Event and Activity inside it, so that you can easily track your progress inside your Event

  • 140+ currency for your local currency

  • Sync with Notion Calendar

  • Priority feature in Activity for a lot of Activities inside Event

  • You can create Event, Activity, and Income with just a few button and few setup.

  • Lifetime Updates

  • Tutorial page to kickstart this

Interested?? Download this Notion Event Budget Tracker and plan your holiday with ease!

30-day Refund Guarantee: If you are not happy about our product, you can issue refund within 30 days starting when you buy this product. Just let us know.

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